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The Content Connection Tree
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Before making a purchase, people turn to Google to research the products and services they want. Providing content that can bridge the gap between your sales funnel and your buyer’s journey is vital because it gives you the opportunity to form a strong relationship with each buyer as they move along the path from being unaware to being a customer.

But how do you choose between investing in blogs, e-newsletters, case studies or another content writing project?

How do you know which type of marketing content will give you the best results?

As content writers and developers, that is a question we wrestle with every day. So, we created The Content Connection Tree.

The tree is a handy reference guide that makes it easy to choose the right types of marketing collateral.

Using the right type of content at the right time will lead to better marketing and sales results.

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Align Sellers and Buyers

What is the sales and marketing objective of the piece of content you are creating? What are buyers doing and what are they looking for?
A Attract leads Unaware and learning about the market
B Engage prospects Exploring solutions
C Sell Ready to buy

If your answer is (A)

This is the top of the sales funnel. Social media, product pages, and blogs that address your buyer’s needs will attract people who are researching their options.

If your answer is (B)

At this part of the sales funnel, your sales and marketing goals are engagement. Writing newsletters, white papers and cheat sheets will engage your audience as they explore solutions and options.

If your answer is (C)

You may be close to closing the sale. Your buyer is working through their shortlist and choosing the product or service they want. Special offers, case studies, and comparison charts give prospects the tools they need to differentiate you from the competition and make a buying decision.

The Content Connection Tree poster shows you how to bridge the gap between sales and buyers

The Red Stairs develop The Content Connection Tree to show how different content types can be used to bridge the gap between the sales process and the questions and concerns on a buyer’s mind as they move from not knowing to buying.

Using  The Content Connection Tree poster will help you see what content types are likely to give you the best return on investment at different stages of the sales funnel.

Don’t take a chance on your content. The Content Development Tree will help you create content that will build relationships with your audience so they can make an informed buying decision.

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