Your content is king of your website

Who is writing your website content?

With more than 1,722,071,000,000 (1.7 trillion) pages on the web, how do you get noticed?
The answer is easy. Provide fantastic content.

Content is king because it is the most important element of your web presence. Without it, you have nothing.

People visit your website because they are looking for something specific.

They come for your content. And they want it instantly without digging or searching.

If your website visitors find what they are looking for and you have done a good job of making it interesting, they may hang out and look around.

No one comes to your website to see that perfect shade of “blue” or the graphic you tweaked and tweaked; and no one comes to your site because the programmer wrote “sweet” code.

And yet, for many organizations, website content is an afterthought. All the energy and budget is put into graphic design and programming. At some point, just before the site goes live, someone remembers they need some words to fill all those pesky pages.

Anyone can write, right?  Wrong.

  • Writing words on a page is easy.
  • Communicating is difficult.

There is a lot more to creating fantastic content than writing grammatically correct sentences (but that really helps too). Great content resonates. It is the realm of the professional copywriter.

To persuade, a skilled copywriter is a student of humanity, an active listener and a master of language.

Like a glass blower who transforms sand into chandeliers, a professional writer transforms words into valuable relationships with real people.

When results matter, start with a content strategy and invest in an experienced and talented team that includes a content strategist and an experienced marketing content and web content copywriter.

At The Red Stairs we recommend a content-led web presence because people come to your website to find information that is useful, valuable and interesting.

And, if we may blow our own horn, at The Red Stairs, we do a great job.  Contact us on (314) 223 0235, we are ready to contribute to your online success.

Next time… I will be taking a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of a content-led website.

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