Law firm marketing: Generate clients with landing pages

A lead generation landing page has just one purpose; to capture the contact information of people interested in your legal services.

Why? Because less than half of the qualified website visitors you attract through your marketing activities such as blogging, social media and advertising, are ready to buy now. And if they leave your website without leaving their name and email, there is a pretty good chance those people, your hard-won sales leads, are not coming back.

Lead generating landing pages are good for law firm marketing 

As a business development tool for your law firm, landing pages are part of your lead generation strategy and a critical step in your quest to get more clients.

When you offer something so valuable that a lead is willing to give you their contact information, they have not just declared their interest in your services, but they have given you permission to keep in touch.

Landing pages are at the top of the law firm marketing funnel

The landing page is near the top end of your sales funnel. Once you have their contact information, you can begin to nurture your future client, develop your relationship, build trust,  and ultimately turn that lead into a fee-paying client for your practice.

An effective landing page is a combination of high performing direct response copywriting, powerful marketing messages and the supporting design elements.

Five landing page essentials for your law firm

The effective lead generation landing page comes in many flavors, but there are five must-have common elements.

  • A headline that matches the link or ad the user clicked to reach your page. Include your offer’s unique selling proposition. Whether your offer comprises an eBook, webinar, face-to-face meeting or a chance to hear you talk, it must be something your leads really value and want. People do not part with their email addresses and other contract information easily.
  • An image or video that demonstrates what need or want your offer satisfies.
  •  A description of the benefits the lead will enjoy when they sign up for the offer. A bulleted list is often the best option.
  • Proof that the offer is valuable and effective. A compelling testimonial, an endorsement by an expert or a statistical proof all work well.
  • One call-to-action with a form that requests the lead’s contact information. But don’t get greedy. Forms that ask for too much information put people off. Ask for the person’s name and email address, and if you really need it, their phone number.

If you need help creating or improving your landing pages The Red Stairs is here to help.


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