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Is your content good-looking? Fast editing and typographic upgrades

The things that make your digital content look unprofessional are not limited to typos and grammar snafus. If you misuse formatting and typographic conventions your website, blog, brochures and other content will look amateurish and make your readers doubt your expertise. Editors and copyeditors look not only at grammar and spelling but also at content…

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Blog post idea generation can be easy if you use these 5 triggers

5 ways to generate article ideas for your business blog

What is the most important thing you can do for your business blog? Publish fresh, interesting content regularly. Easy to say: not so easy to do. If you find yourself looking at a blank screen and praying the muse will strike, you are making the job of generating blog post ideas harder than it needs…

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A woman is confused by the website she is looking at

Go from a digital mess to a polished image with a content strategy

Your customers are out there. They are searching the web for you. They are typing what they need into the Google search bar, reading reviews, hunting for information and evaluating companies like yours long before they pick up the phone to buy your services and products. It is a brave new world and people are…

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A man neglects his lunch to read something interesting on a website

10 ways to keep web visitors reading your website or blog

People move fast online. Their eyes skip over the screen, scanning and filtering for the information they want. Web reader behavior studies show they don’t want to read as much as 80% of your web content. This presents a major challenge for content marketers. How do you make sure the people you have worked so…

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Inbound marketing insights to boost your website’s lead generation powers

Inbound marketing is a pretty big subject area, but Atomicdust, a St. Louis based brand marketing agency, got to the heart of things this morning when they shared insights on conversion-focused websites with an audience of clients, marketers and at least one content strategist – me. Mike Spakowski, Jesse McGowan and Danielle Hohmeier talked about…

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A content audit reveals if your website content hurting sales

A website content audit will improve your sales

There are many reasons to do a website content audit but by far the most important is to make sure the dollars you spend on content development are really improving your business. For most businesses this means supporting and growing sales. A content audit allows you to map your website to your business goals. It…

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Sales person uses sales not marketing collateral to help close a sale

Marketing collateral is not useful to sales reps

Is your sales force using all those beautifully designed, expensive marketing materials your marketing department and creative agencies are producing? According to a survey “State of the Sales Rep” published by Barinshark in October, frustrated sales people across America are engaged in productivity-busting activities because they don’t have the sales materials they need to do their jobs.…

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great web content is great for business

Put web content before website development & design

Content is the currency of the Internet. No matter how clever, graphically beautiful, or technically impressive your website, it exists to convey information. Despite this, website content is often an afterthought. A website should look great and it does need to work smoothly, but the Internet is not a beauty pageant. Your website is a…

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Has Google's keyword encryption killed content marketing

Will Google’s keyword encryption kill content marketing?

It may have been on the cards for a while, but last week when Google announced it was encrypting all keywords and cutting everyone off from vital organic-search keyword data, it came as a bit of a shock. I won’t deny it, my eyes watered. What is a content marketer to do?  You need all…

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What's today's post?

Content marketers need to plan like an editor

If you look at a blank screen and wonder, “what shall I write about today”, you are not thinking like an editor.  Editors take their responsibility to publish valuable content very seriously. To plan, manage and track their stories, magazine editors use editorial calendars. From the 50-foot overview of upcoming story ideas that are planned…

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