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Why Businesses Need a Customer Newsletter

We work with a broad range of clients, from manufacturers to health care providers to attorneys, and we almost always recommend a customer newsletter as a vital  part of their content marketing plan. After all, you’ve already invested time and energy getting to know your customers and the people in your database. They already know,…

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Align marketing content, the sales process and the buyer’s journey with The Content Connection Tree

Before making a purchase, people turn to Google to research the products and services they want. Providing content that can bridge the gap between your sales funnel and your buyer’s journey is vital because it gives you the opportunity to form a strong relationship with each buyer as they move along the path from being…

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An Old-School Solution to Content Marketing Planning

For me, January is for planning. The year ahead is fresh and new, and it is time to get organized. As a company that lives by content writing deadlines, that means knowing what work is coming up and when it is due. We use the same planning method for our writing and content marketing clients,…

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6 New Content Rules for Mobile Websites

We are two months into “Mobilegeaddon”. In April, Google started favoring mobile-friendly websites. It’s a move that sent web developers scrambling to make sites mobile friendly and responsive. But before you give yourself a pat on the back for getting mobile-friendly, take a look at your web content on a mobile device. Why Web Content Written For…

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great web content is great for business

Put web content before website development & design

Content is the currency of the Internet. No matter how clever, graphically beautiful, or technically impressive your website, it exists to convey information. Despite this, website content is often an afterthought. A website should look great and it does need to work smoothly, but the Internet is not a beauty pageant. Your website is a…

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Progress diagram from business goal, to content strategy, to content goals to new content

Keep the big picture in focus with a strategic content marketing editorial calendar

An editorial calendar will keep your content development on track, but how can you use it to align your content to your organization’s long-term strategic goals? First, you have to convert the business goals into content goals. Then you map your content topics to your plan and use your editorial calendar to schedule the stories…

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What's today's post?

Content marketers need to plan like an editor

If you look at a blank screen and wonder, “what shall I write about today”, you are not thinking like an editor.  Editors take their responsibility to publish valuable content very seriously. To plan, manage and track their stories, magazine editors use editorial calendars. From the 50-foot overview of upcoming story ideas that are planned…

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