Consultancy services that support your business

Digital content is just one part of the modern business puzzle. You also need the right technology that integrates well with your other business systems, efficient workflows, and operational excellence.

— Mark Lonsdale

The founders of The Red Stairs have strong, global backgrounds in enterprise and agency environments and can offer clients a variety of business-building and streamlining consulting services.

Our clients take advantage of our consulting services when they need specialized technical and/or business content expertise they don’t have in-house. For many, the fresh eyes and expert view of an outsider is better suited to streamlining process, identifying the most valuable requirements, and helping develop new approaches to in-house challenges.

The Red Stairs’ consulting services can be applied to a variety of different project types. Here are some examples of our consulting projects:

  • Complex technical integrations with multiple vendors. With professional project management, there run more smoothly, are more cost effectively, and are more like to be realized on time and on budget.
  • Needs that are difficult to pin down. We can help you identify the root business problems and identify solutions paths.
  • Projects that need to be defined can benefit from business analysis and requirements development.
  • When you need The Red Stairs to work onsite, or bill by the hour. This often occurs when it is too early in the project life-cycle to accurately determine scope.

Technical Consulting Available from The Red Stairs

Company founder Mark Lonsdale, a qualified systems engineer, is fully certified in traditional waterfall and agile project management. He provides document and content management, systems integration, and technology consulting services.

  • Change management resulting from technology upgrades and merger and acquisitions.
  • Document management, including contract content management.
  • KPIs and business metrics.
  • Marketing analytics.
  • Vendor selection for back office, front office and marketing technology.
  • Process and workflow development and efficiency improvement.
  • Quote to cash process planning, refinement and management.
  • IT and engineering systems integration.


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The Red Stairs works in American English and British English.

We can localize content for both markets.